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Marley Coffee and AVT would like to thank you for taking the first steps to becoming an Automated Retail Income Development investor.  We have chosen Automated Retail Income Development in order to facilitate the funding and revenue distributions of the Marley Kiosks from our “5 Star” locations throughout the nation.  You are opening the door to a high profile investment that will attract the sophisticated coffee drinker to our “5 star” locations throughout the country. Our team will maximize profits with the Marley Coffee branded experience for a fraction of the cost of a traditional brick-and-mortar coffee shop.


Today is the day to get involved and expand your portfolio directly into the path of a $40 billion dollar industry. Now is the time to tap into this monumental opportunity. We are excited to provide years of experience, expertise, and a top brand.


Our team will insure you as an investor, that your kiosks in the market place are performing consistently and efficiently.  Our network throughout the nation allows us to make sure all diagnostics and fulfillment is executed in a timely fashion.


Connectivity and cutting edge technology are imperative with staying on top.  AVT Inc. and ourselves are committed to making sure our connectivity team and software team is constantly adapting to a changing market place.


The funds from each and every kiosk are thoroughly accounted for.  We have developed an accounting team that is professional and articulate.  This team also assists in finding the most cost effective procedures for all practices performed by the company.


Our location acquisition team brings years of experience to the table.  If we feel one location is not performing to the best of its abilities, we use our team to relocate the kiosk.


We are committed to serving your needs as well as the needs of all our investors.


You can contact Automated Retail Income Development for more information at

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