YOU can be part of the fastest growing markets in the world - GOURMET COFFEE.

YOU can finally own a money-making kiosk, once only available to a select few.

YOU can capitalize on years of development & marketing that could change your life.

YOU can make a substantial profit on every transaction on your Automated Store.

YOU could be selling advertising space to national companies and receive up to $10,000 per year, per kiosk.


WE will walk you through the entire process, and show you how you can turn your dreams of owning your own business into a reality.

We want to show you for less than $9,999.00 you could potentially make your investment back within 12 months. This is considered impossible with most start ups.


We are offering a turn-key kiosk that sells freshly ground gourmet coffee.


It is not just any coffee, it is Marley Coffee.


This coffee is grown organically and is held to the highest standards set forth by the Marley Coffee family.


Attached to the kiosk is an HD video monitor that has the ability to showcase rotating advertisements.


The kiosk is priced at $9,900, each coffee costs 38 cents to procure which can yield large profit margins.


Our advertising models allows you to charge an average of $250 to $500 per month.


With the right advertisers and a solid location, profits can be enormous!


Please contact us for more information and to find out if your area is still available.


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